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FlipQuiz PRO Teams

— Written November 11, 2015 —

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For when you just want the school to pay for your membership.

It’s Here!

That’s right. It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve finally added FlipQuiz PRO Teams as an upgrade option. We’ve had several support requests over the last year asking for a way to upgrade multiple licenses with one billing account. Today, we’ve opened up the ability for that to happen.

How We Got Here

Truth be told, FlipQuiz is (or, at least, has been) the work of one person for the last year and a half – since FlipQuiz launched. With tens of thousands of users and boards, it’s just too much for one person to keep up with alone. While I wish I could have brought another person on-board officially, the site just isn’t quite there yet.

So we did the next best thing: we hired a developer for some specific work. The developer started working on some pieces in early October and completely restructured our payment system. That actually provided the flexibility needed to create FlipQuiz PRO Teams, which is what he worked on next. All-in-all, we went from aging payment system and single-user PRO memberships to fancy new system and PRO Teams in a matter of 3-ish weeks!

FlipQuiz PRO vs FlipQuiz PRO Teams

What does it mean to have a PRO Teams account? Well, that’s easy. You get everything that you get with a normal PRO membership, but you can sign up for multiple licenses at once. You can then distribute those licenses to whichever FlipQuiz user accounts you’d like. We’ll be contributing a more in-depth look soon, but the whole setup is rather simple!

We currently have 3 plans: PRO Teams 10, PRO Teams 25, and PRO Teams 50 with 10, 25, and 50 licenses respectively. If you’re interested, you can upgrade here.

In case you’re curious about what the team management page looks like, here’s an example:


If you’re interested in learning more about FlipQuiz PRO, check out the PRO benefits page.

Then, make sure you hop over and upgrade to FlipQuiz PRO or FlipQuiz PRO Teams!