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FlipQuiz Toolbox™: Random Student Chooser

— Written March 19, 2016 —

Read time: about 1.27 minutes

How do you choose a student to answer a question? How about doing it at random? Some of you have asked for a way to do just that!

In our newest section of the site (called the FlipQuiz Toolbox™) we’ve added a new tool that will help you choose one of your students at random!

The Random Student Chooser

If the title doesn’t give it away, we don’t know what will. Our second addition to the FlipQuiz Toolbox™ is a random student chooser that takes the subjectivity out of the selection process. Picking students fairly can be a lot of work and a mental drain.

All you have to do is paste in a list of students (one per line). This can come from your grading software, a spreadsheet, or wherever! When you’ve done that, click “Choose”. You can even re-choose and it will remind you of the previous choice.

Go pick some students now!

Here it is in action:

Important Note

NONE of the information is ever saved in our site. Your students’ names or any other information that you enter will never be submitted to our servers or saved in our database.

Go pick some students now!