FlipQuiz is Shutting Down.

For financial reasons, it has unfortunately become impossible to continue supporting FlipQuiz and the FlipQuiz community. Thank you for your support the last 5 years! God bless you all.

FlipQuiz will officially shut down at the end of August (August 31, 2019). For recommendations on other classroom tools, check out this article from @TeacherToolkit.

PRO MEMBERS: Your subscription will automatically be cancelled between now and August 31st. If you signed up for PRO yearly after March 1, 2019, your payment will be refunded automatically between now and August 31st.

This post was written more than 6 months ago and may contain outdated information. Take with a grain of salt.

#GetToKnowYourCustomersDay Survey Results/Winners

— Written April 24, 2016 —

Read time: about 4.26 minutes

April 21st was one of this year’s four Get to Know Your Customers Day days. To do just that, we quickly put together a short survey and asked you all to fill it out. In return, we offered a free lifetime FlipQuiz PRO account to one lucky winner.

We got back so many submissions that we thought it only fair that we actually award three lucky winners!

The Winners

If you just came here to see who won (if you won, we emailed you), here are the three winners:

  1. Samuel from Dallas, TX
  2. Gustavo
  3. Amanda from Florida

FYI, we chose the winners by grabbing all the email addresses and entering them into this Contest Winner Picker.

The Results

While we’re happy for the winners, this is the good stuff for us. We won’t go into great detail, but wanted to share the results of the survey with you as well.

To put the below numbers into context, we received 138 responses – but only 18 from people that were already PRO members.

Here’s how we fared on the ratings for different aspects of the site (on a scale of 1-5):

Design and Presentation:

Ease of finding new boards that others have made:

Ease and clarity of using the website:

Number of PRO upgrade options:

Speed of the website:

Stability of website:

The numbers are pretty good overall, but we will be looking at ways to make finding others’ boards better and what other PRO upgrade options might be desired.

Moving on to the next set of questions, we learned a little bit about how well we get out the word about our features and PRO offerings….

  • 60% of you answered that you we NOT aware of our new FlipQuiz Toolbox. That’s not surprising since it’s so new, but we want to make sure that we are promoting new features better.
  • Alternately, 60% of answered that you DO know that you can “like” boards to save them in your dashboard for later use. We’re happy that the majority of you know about this feature, but would love to see that percentage go up even higher.
  • Only 57% of you answered that you knew where to submit a Support Request if you needed help. While that’s still a majority, we want to make sure that everyone knows where to get help! (We’re also working on a better help section of the site, so stay tuned for that!)
  • Nearly all of you answered that you know we have a PRO upgrade option (at 96%), but far fewer knew that we offer the same benefits for schools to purchase multiple licenses via PRO Teams (at 62%).
  • On a scale of 1-10, we asked how likely you would be to recommend the site to a friend/colleague. 87% of you gave us a 7 or higher, with the highest number of you giving us a 10 (39%)! We did still have 7% of you give us a 5 or lower though, so we know we always have work to do!

Thank you again to everyone that completed the survey and we’ll certainly do this again – in exchange for more PRO memberships, of course. We gained a ton of helpful insights in the comments/suggestions and where to focus our efforts!

It’s time for us to get back to working on other things, so we’ll leave you with the all-important question from the survey: “What is your favorite Star Wars movie so far?”