FlipQuiz is Shutting Down.

For financial reasons, it has unfortunately become impossible to continue supporting FlipQuiz and the FlipQuiz community. Thank you for your support the last 5 years! God bless you all.

FlipQuiz will officially shut down at the end of August (August 31, 2019). For recommendations on other classroom tools, check out this article from @TeacherToolkit.

PRO MEMBERS: Your subscription will automatically be cancelled between now and August 31st. If you signed up for PRO yearly after March 1, 2019, your payment will be refunded automatically between now and August 31st.

This post was written more than 6 months ago and may contain outdated information. Take with a grain of salt.

Our New “Save” Workflow

— Written May 23, 2016 —

Read time: about 3.39 minutes

Since our launch over 2+ years ago, one of the things we’ve been least happy with (and have heard the most issues about) is our “Save” process.

Well, we finally did something about it.

Demo Below ↓

What Was Broken

Where should we start? How about with the process of creating a new board. For starters, it was hard to tell when the board needed to be saved. Is it automatically saving itself? Against what content since there wasn’t a board yet? If I click the “Save” button, what will happen?

So what did happen? Well, you’d click the “Save” button and you’d be spit out to the board overview page. Which is great if you were done, but that can take a while, so you probably weren’t done. Especially if you’re one of those people (like us) that likes to save early and often. (That’s good practice, by the way!) So now you have to click “Edit Board” to get back in and work some more…..

On to the edit page. Saving your board here is a tedious task (under the best circumstances). Since you already saved your board once and ended up on the overview page, you know hitting save is going to toss you out again. For this reason, many many people waited until the end to save, but that also resulted in a lot of lost content as internet connections failed, browsers crashed, or people had to step away and come back.

It needed to be fixed.

How We Fixed It

What the site needed was a way to save progress without reloading the page. (In the web world, this is called an ajax request.) Our goal was to fix the 2 major ways that content is saved:

1) When Creating a New Board

When a new board is created, the “board” doesn’t yet exist in the site to save changes against. For this save, we have to refresh the page. Before, however, you would end up on the overview page for your board and have to click “edit board” to continue creating your board. Since most boards are not complete on that first save, it is a tedious task to ask everyone to click edit every time to keep going.

When you save a new board now for the first time, you will be immediately transported back to the edit page to keep working. (Why we didn’t do this ages ago is crazy!)

2) When Editing an Existing Board

This is the tricky part. When you have an existing board, the content has a dedicated space in the site to save new changes against. Since that is the case, there’s no need to create the board and redirect – we can simply gather all the changes and save them. This is a bit more difficult than it sounds, so we actually ended up working with our developer, Matt, to make this wish a reality.

On the board edit pages, there are now two buttons (three if you count the “delete” button). The first button is a “Quick Save” button. When chosen, this button will gather all the changes and save them to the database – in the background – so you can keep working! Once you’re all done, the “Save and Finish” button will give everything one good last save and return you to the overview page or dashboard, wherever you came from to edit the board.

(You may also notice that the save buttons get a yellow line on top and flash when there are changes to be saved.)

Here is a quick demo: