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Upgraded Image Uploads!

— Written August 15, 2017 —

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It “soft launched” a couple of weeks ago, but it’s officially here: upgraded image uploads! The old way was handwritten and, let’s just say it had its quirks.

What’s New?

Well, it was time for a better system. With the help of Filestack, image uploads are now a WHOLE LOT more reliable. The uploads work better across devices and platforms. In addition, a couple of new features have been added that should make it even more fun to work with: image editing and web search.

Image editing allows images to be cropped (more to come later) and then only the cropped version of the image will be uploaded. This cuts down on file space and cuts out the need for an external editor just to crop a photo!

With web search, you can now add a graphic to your board that you didn’t previously have! Simply search for what you want to include and choose from the results. A copy will be uploaded to your board!


Because this is a PRO-only feature, here is a quick demo for everyone:

If you want to upload images or want to know about the other benefits of FlipQuiz PRO, check out our PRO benefits page.

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