FlipQuiz is Shutting Down.

For financial reasons, it has unfortunately become impossible to continue supporting FlipQuiz and the FlipQuiz community. Thank you for your support the last 5 years! God bless you all.

FlipQuiz will officially shut down at the end of August (August 31, 2019). For recommendations on other classroom tools, check out this article from @TeacherToolkit.

PRO MEMBERS: Your subscription will automatically be cancelled between now and August 31st. If you signed up for PRO yearly after March 1, 2019, your payment will be refunded automatically between now and August 31st.

This post was written more than 6 months ago and may contain outdated information. Take with a grain of salt.

Who Couldn’t Use a Few Bucks Back in Their Pockets?

— Written September 4, 2018 —

Read time: about 0.6 minutes

FlipQuiz PRO is the best way to get the most out of FlipQuiz – especially on this new site! Along with team scoring, FlipQuiz PRO offers private boards, image uploads, saved classes, student flashcards, priority support, and more.

Before I hit you with a link to learn more, though, you should know that we’re offering FlipQuiz PRO for 20% less for the month of September! That’s only $5.60/mo or $56/year – and that’s for the life of your subscription, not just the first payment!

Use code “newflipquiz” at checkout to save through September 30th at midnight (EST).