FlipQuiz is Shutting Down.

For financial reasons, it has unfortunately become impossible to continue supporting FlipQuiz and the FlipQuiz community. Thank you for your support the last 5 years! God bless you all.

FlipQuiz will officially shut down at the end of August (August 31, 2019). For recommendations on other classroom tools, check out this article from @TeacherToolkit.

PRO MEMBERS: Your subscription will automatically be cancelled between now and August 31st. If you signed up for PRO yearly after March 1, 2019, your payment will be refunded automatically between now and August 31st.


FlipQuiz™ is a FREE gameshow-style activity for the classroom.

Play in Class, As a Class

By adding up to 30 questions (and answers), you can fill your quiz board up for fun all class period long! Each board allows for up to 5 questions in up to 6 categories. Don't need a category or question? Leave it blank!

The best part? Your boards are saved online so you can make them at home or in class and access them whenever you need to!

Go PRO Upgrade to set custom point values, too.

Attach Photos & Videos

For each question or answer, you can enter the web address of an image (JPG, PNG, or GIF) or the URL to an online video (YouTube or Vimeo) to attach it to the card.

Go PRO Upgrade to upload photos from your computer or search Google Images.

Customize Your Game

Quiz board custom backgrounds and colors are a great way to spruce up your gameplay experience. Plus, it allows you to visually organize your boards as well!

Choose a background image from our ever-changing library or paste in the web address of an image online. Then, choose main and secondary colors to really make it yours!

Go PRO Upgrade to upload backgrounds from your computer or search Google Images.

Built-in Timer

Turn on the pressure with a countdown for any given question!

You can autostart the timer when a question is chosen or manually start/pause/stop the time. Either way, the game just got a little more intense!

The FlipQuiz™ Toolbox

Fairly choosing a random student or placing students in groups can be hard. Let the FlipQuiz Toolbox help with Random Student Chooser and Random Grouper tools!

Go PRO Upgrade to save classes to use over and over again.

Show Some Love

Coming soon.

When you "like" someone's board, they feel the love, sure, but you also get easy access to that board from your dashboard. It's kinda like bookmarking a board for later!


Coming soon.

Okay, it's not called that, but you'll soon be able to search our collection of other teacher-created boards for that last minute FlipQuiz game in class or inspiration for your next board!


There's so much you can do with FlipQuiz out of the box, but there's even more with FlipQuiz PRO.

Along with team scoring, FlipQuiz PRO offers private boards, image uploads, student flashcards, saved classes, upgraded profile options, priority support, and more.

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